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Many courses promise fast results and six-figure income. Not these. Truth be told, they’re kind of slow. But they are rich in substance and crafted to impart the sort of wisdom that can actually transform your career. Years from now, we'll both look back on this moment and this choice and think, wow. It all began there.

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Tiny course #

Writing Skills

6 lessons, one per week

The act of “writing” contains multitudes. It’s a million little tasks like gathering inspiration, interviewing experts, and editing in all its flavors. Learn Riviera’s method for developing the skills you need to write with uncommon thoughtfulness.

Tiny course #

Writing Habits

5 lessons, one per week

It’s one thing to write well. It’s another to be able to do it day in and day out to meet all your deadlines, whether or not the muse shows up that day. Learn Carina’s practices for staying grounded and inspired.

Tiny course #

Writing Systems

6 lessons, one per week

The answer to many creative qualms is process. We call that your “content operation,” and in this six-lesson course, Chris shares ways to eliminate back-and-forth, omit needless steps, and smooth your way to more enjoyable writing relationships.


The Writing Course

Over seven years and 200 client projects, the Fenwick team has learned some things about uncommonly clear writing. Not only how to produce it, but how to do so within the workplace. Join a cohort of fellow thinkers and doers for direct instruction from the Fenwick team. It's a mid-level course designed for people who already write for a living, either full-time or freelance, as an individual contributor or people manager.

There are two formats: self-guided or instructor-led. When the course launches, you'll get to choose. If you'd like us to train your team, or want to list the course in your company's learning platform, shoot us a note.

Lessons include clear writing, clear thinking, logic tools, customer research, persuasion, inspiration, and more. Throughout, you’ll complete assignments, discuss with peers, and do a whole lot of reading.

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Instructor-led -or- self-guided
Both options are fully remote
Cohorts of ~18 students
Ten weeks of instruction
Occasional Zoom gatherings
Community forum to meet peers
Coursework and individual feedback

Fenwick Learning

Inspiring as much uncommonly thoughtful writing and design as possible

Fenwick launched these courses to make whatever wisdom we have gathered common knowledge and to spark a discussion around the level of clarity we should all expect at work. Join us. Let's gather a crowd.


Chris Gillespie


Marketo salesperson turned writer, strategist, and co-founder

Amanda Tennant


Master of human-centered design who revels in learning by doing

Carina Rampelt


Oxford-educated literature aficionado turned B2B writer

Clarissa Kupfer


Ex-freelancer translating dense concepts into striking visuals

Donnique Williams

Writer & Strategist

Determined poet turning daydreams into reality

We sell sighs of relief

Fenwick is the creative team who frees you to focus on loftier goals

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We write a newsletter about writing craft at work
We write a newsletter about writing craft at work
We write a newsletter about writing craft at work
We write a newsletter about writing craft at work
We write a newsletter about writing craft at work
We write a newsletter about writing craft at work
We write a newsletter about writing craft at work